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EC slots decision damages sustainability, industry recovery

26 Jul 2021

Geneva [Switzerland], July 26 (ANI): The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has branded the European Commission's (EC's) decision to set winter slot use threshold at 50 per cent as 'out of touch with reality' and argued that the EC had ignored advice and evidence presented by EU member states and airline industry.

The EC's announcement means that from November to April, airlines operating at slot-regulated airports must use at least half of every single series of slots they hold. There is no alleviation to hand back slots at the start of the season allowing airlines to match their schedule to realistic demand or enable other carriers to operate.

Additionally, the rule on 'force majeure' by which the slot rule is suspended if exceptional circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic are in effect has been switched off for intra-EU operations.

IATA said the result of these changes will be to restrict the ability of airlines to operate with agility needed to respond to unpredictable and rapidly changing demand, leading to environmentally wasteful and unnecessary flights. It will also further weaken the financial stability of the industry and hinder the recovery of the global air transport network.

"Once again, the Commission has shown they are out of touch with reality. The airline industry is still facing the worst crisis in its history," said Willie Walsh, IATA's Director General.

"The EC had an open goal to use the slots regulation to promote a sustainable recovery for airlines, but they missed. Instead, they have shown contempt for the industry, and for the many member states that repeatedly urged a more flexible solution, by stubbornly pursuing a policy that is contrary to all the evidence presented to them," he said.

The Commission's argument is that the intra-EU traffic recovery this summer justified a 50 per cent use threshold with no alleviation. This flies in the face of significant evidence of the uncertain outlook for traffic demand this winter, provided by key EU member states as well as IATA and its members. (ANI)

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