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Air Canada: electric planes good for environment, cheaper to operate

Robert Besser
18 Sep 2022

MONTREAL, Canada: As more airlines turn to new technologies to reduce fuel costs and lower emissions, Air Canada announced last week that it will purchase 30 electric aircraft.

The new planes will include 30 battery-powered regional aircraft from Swedish-based Heart Aerospace.

Facing growing pressure from regulators and environmental groups, global airlines are drafting plans to tackle climate change issues.

In a statement, Air Canada said Heart is developing an electric-hybrid aircraft that will generate zero emissions and have a capacity of transporting up to 30 passengers, which is expected to be delivered in 2028.

However, the value of the purchase was not disclosed. Air Canada's agreement, which includes a $5 million equity stake in Heart Aerospace, follows a 2021 contract signed by U.S. carrier United Airlines to acquire 100 19-seat planes from the Swedish startup.

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