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India a critically important market for Kerry Group, says CEO Edmond Scanlon

21 Sep 2022

By Shalini BhardwajNew Delhi [India], September 21 (ANI): Edmond Scanlon, Group CEO and Executive Director of Ireland-based global nutritional foods leader Kerry Group, said India is a critically important market for the Group and it will be an even bigger market in the next 5-10 years.

"It's already one of our top five countries, globally," the CEO told ANI in an exclusive interview.

He is currently in India -- his maiden visit after the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. Scanlon highlighted the purpose of his visit to India and said, "Firstly, I'd like to say that I am very delighted to be back in India as this is my first trip after COVID. Secondly, I would like to mention India is a huge market with tremendous opportunities. That's my primary purpose for visiting. We are also looking at our next phase of investment in the country. Kerry has been in India since 2011.""It has been more than 10 years since we put our first facility in the country. The first was one manufacturing facility and the next was another manufacturing facility in 2019. 2022 marks our 50-year anniversary since Kerry was founded. We have come together this evening to celebrate that journey and milestone with our team," he said.

On India as a market for Kerry, he said India is dynamic and crucial market, "India is a crucial and dynamic market with tremendous potential. It is growing rapidly. The current trends in the market from a taste perspective and a nutrition perspective are exactly where Kerry's strengths lie. So, what we see happening in the market is that consumers are looking for products that are healthier, but of course, they won't compromise on taste. Kerry works with their customers to improve the nutritional profile of such products without compromising on taste."Asked whether India a market for Kerry if we look from a global perspective, Scanlon said, "As I mentioned, India is a critically important market for us. It's already one of our top five countries, globally. It will be an even a bigger market for us in the next 5-10 years."On plans for the Indian market and any big investments, like launchings as well as expansion plans, he said, "Absolutely. I believe with a market that is as dynamic and as evolving as India, we will continue to invest. We are planning to further invest and expand our manufacturing facilities in the north as well as the south. We have also opened a new development and application centre in Delhi.""One of the purposes of being here this week is too to sign off on those investments. It is important for us to put India as our priority market and meet the growth that we expect to see in this region over the next 5-10 years," he said.

"I think the breadth of Kerry is certainly something that really resonates with our customers. We help our customers across multiple markets, multiple product categories, and also in the food service and retail sectors. This is what sets us apart and our customers really appreciate this from us. We work with them across several aspects of their business, from helping them launch products to meeting the ever-evolving dynamics of consumers," he said explaining how Kerry is different from other competitor companies.

He further highlighted about local developments and the impact that has been generated. He said, "With the changing times and evolving needs, consumers are now looking for products that are more nutritious. The priorities of consumers are changing. They are highly value-conscious but also want products that are more nutritious. For the same reason, we are continuously working alongside our customers to launch products into the market that are better nutritionally, but at the same time are not compromising from a taste perspective. This combination is what sustainable nutrition is all about- the ability to provide positive and balanced nutrition solutions to help maintain good health while protecting people and the planet."When asked what response Kerry is getting as it is already in India, Scanlon said, "We have received a very positive response. We think that the consumers and their needs have shifted immensely over the years. And what we see is customers are looking for products that would ultimately meet their demands. Indian consumers are probably the most value-conscious consumer in the world but are also hugely ambitious and have a huge lookout for better and more nutritious products.""We are in the B2B business, so we don't have brands on shelves but we help to solve our customers' complex challenges with differentiated taste and nutrition solutions to create healthier, more nutritious and sustainably produced food and beverage products. At Kerry, we are driven to be our customers' most valued partner, creating a world of sustainable nutrition, and our goal is to reach over 2 billion consumers with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030," he said. (ANI)

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